Paul Mannering



50-50 Car Model

October 2006
  • The main car from the game Boy Racer

  • Called the 50-50 because it's made up of the back half of one car and the front of another (Hence all the rust and weld marks)

  • Low polygon = 4,654 polygons with interior

  • Designed for use in-game (modelled in Maya), with a bump-mapped texture paint job (created using Photoshop)

Student Room

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Student Room

January 2006 to March 2006
  • 3D Animation for a DVD menu

  • Video 1 = Introduction

  • Video 2 = Out-takes

  • Video 3 = Play Movie

  • Video 4 = Chapter Select



Aston Martin DB9

February 2006
  • An experiment with modelling a modern day super car, in Maya

  • I found it very difficult to do the curves using only polygons. It would have been much easier to have done these with NURBS, and later converted these to polygons to use in-game

Mini Mayhem



Mini Mayhem Animation

October 2005 to December 2005
  • A 3D animation of a mini driving through an Alleyway in Rome

  • The scene contains a simple physics simulation (to create the cars suspension) and some boxes that get knocked over by the car

  • Also contains a sub-division modelled version of Doctor Zoidburg from Futurama

  • Modelled and animated in Maya and composited in After Effects

Zoidburg Subdivision Surface


Sub-Division Modelling

November 2005
  • A sub-division surface model of Doctor Zoidburg from Futurama

  • Uses a polygon cage around the model to control the final shape

  • Has a skeleton bone-system that is attached to the polygon cage, for controlling animation



Mini Model

November 2005
  • The new Mini modelled in Maya

  • Low polygon = 7,344 polygons with interior